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Blossom Artisan Flowering Teas

Project that involved building an original brand from the ground up; including the brand design guide, package design, and a full campaign to bring it all together. 

Social Media Campaign

Blossom Flowering Tea will be very active on social media, using facebook and instagram’s visual focus to continue the fun, vibrant, hand-drawn art style that’s so unique to Blossom, as well as continuing to promote positivity among the target market.

Facebook + Instagram


In line with Blossom’s brand mantra, Blossom’s social media strives to be a source of feel-good positivity for all the girls out there who need some encouragement. All graphics will feature an inspirational quote loosely related to the concept of growth, and will be accompanied by Blossom’s characteristic floral graphics.

#HowIBlossom User-Generated Content Campaign

Blossom wants to encourage young girls to celebrate their growth and all that they’ve accomplished in their lives. There is so much to be proud of, and Blossom wants you to share it with us so we can all take a moment to celebrate you.

Display Ads

Brand Book

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