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As the Art Director for UGA Miracle through my involvement in UGA's Talking Dog advertising agency in 2016-17, I created social media graphics to promote UGA Miracle's fundraising events on Miracle's Facebook and Instagram pages. These graphics were also posted by Miracle members on their own personal pages to increase reach. For each event, I created a social media graphic suite of multiple social media post graphics to promote involvement in the event, as well as a Facebook cover photo and profile picture to increase general awareness. This gave UGA Miracle a strong, consistent visual presence for each of their events and fundraising efforts throughout the year.

  • Facebook - Black Circle
  • Instagram - Black Circle
Dance Marathon

In addition to advertising UGA Miracle's smaller fundraising events, I also established a strong brand for UGA Miracle's capstone event, Dance Marathon. UGA Miracle has not attempted to establish visual consistency in their previous Dance Marathons, so they were very excited for the colorful, energized, enthusiastic, inclusive brand I created for their event, as well as creating an event-specific version of their classic logo. The social media campaign focused on two themes, "It Takes You to Make a Miracle" and "Come Together", which I executed by using a gradient honeycomb pattern to visually represent multiple parts coming together, as well as creating windows in the honeycombs to emphasize the power of the individual.

Profile Photo
Registration Graphic
Member Collage
It Takes You Graphic
Thank a Donor Day
Campaign Graphic
Promotional Stickers
Marathon Madness Graphic
Packing List

820 USES

2,661 SWIPES

61,186 TOTAL VIEWS!!


450 SOLD!


Branded map created for UGA Miracle's website and app to assist attendees throughout the event

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