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Sage Simplified
Product UI Graphics

Collaborated with the Sage UX team to create a simplified/redacted/"glossy" graphic style for the product graphics since the current product screenshots on the website and in marketing materials were overwhelming and difficult to process at a glance. This involved discussion and product walk-throughs with the product team to determine which features were most important to users. Then decisions were made on how to best combine features into one cohesive graphic.

Designs were completed under direction of Amanda Francoeur, Principal Experience Designer

Sage X3

Original Product Screenshot

Simplified UI Graphic

Examples combining multiple pages/features into one graphic:

Project Management

project management - project overview -markup
project management - project timeline - markup

Team Collaboration

collaboration - edit administration
collaboration - team explorer
collaboration - user profile

Sage 50cloud Accounting

Simplified feature graphic for features page

More simplified version for product overview page

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